R&R Fixtures 1/4-20 CMM Component Kit Set B


R&R Fixtures ?-20 CMM Kit B includes your choice of base plate size and 109 modular components.

Manufacturer?s Part Numbers:

? KC-C1B-20
? KC-C2B-20
? KC-C3B-20
? KC-C4B-20
? KC-C5B-20
? KC-C6B-20


The R&R CMM fixture kit can be used with any type of CMM or portable arm. It is a quick, economical way to hold and secure parts for inspection. The threaded base plate comes with alpha-numeric labels. Kits include posts, clamps, and pads all labeled to aid documentation and rebuild. Modular fixtures create a repeatable inspection setup each and every time. Modular fixtures save storage space, design time, build costs and can be repurposed.

Kit B includes selected base plate size and 109 listed components:

3S-37550-200.375" dia. x 0.50" standoff
6S-5075-200.50" dia. x 0.75" standoff
6S-501-200.50" dia. x 1.0" standoff
6S-502-200.50" dia. x 2.0" standoff
3S-7550-200.75" dia. x 0.50" standoff
6S-7575-200.75" dia. x 0.75" standoff
6S-751-200.75" dia. x 1.0" standoff
6S-752-200.75" dia. x 2.0" standoff
4S-754-200.75" dia. x 4.0" standoff
6S-175-201.0" dia. x 0.75" standoff
6S-11-201.0" dia. x 1.0" standoff
6S-12-201.0" dia. x 2.0" standoff
4S-14-201.0" dia. x 4.0" standoff
4SP-501-200.50" dia. x 1.0" pin standoff
6CT-160-125-201.6" tension clamp with 1.25" post
12CT-250-275-202.5" tension clamp with 2.75" post
4RCD-20Delrin resting cone
4RPS-20Steel resting pin
2AJ-50-200.50" dia. x adjustable jack stand
2AJ-1-201.0"dia. adjustable jack stand
2AS-1-201.0" adjustable slide
2AS-3-203.0" adjustable slide
2TB-751-20tower block with base
1TC-50020020" x 8" x 1" component tray

Additional information

Base Plate Size

0.50" x 12" x 12", 0.50" x 18" x 18", 0.75" x 24" x 24", 0.75" x 30" x 30", 0.75" x 28" x 40", 0.75" x 36" x 48"


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