1/4-20 QLC-1 Vision Clamping Kit Component Set A


QLC-1 frame
For vision machines SMALLER than 400mm x 400mm

1/4-20 vision clamping kits with:
QLC-1 frame | multi-hole plate | component set A
R&R Fixture kits include a fixture base plate and set of components

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

? QLC1-PV1-A-20 Multi-Hole Plate

? QLC1-PV2-A-20 Multi-Hole Plate

? QLC1-PVW1-A-20? Multi-Window Plate

? QLC1-PVW2-A-20 Multi-Window Plate


QuantityPart NumberDescription
3S-2550-200.25" dia. x 0.50" standoff *
3S-251-200.25" dia. x 1.0" standoff *
3S-37525-200.375" dia. x 0.25" standoff *
3S-37550-200.375" dia. x 0.50" standoff
3S-37575-200.375" dia. x 0.75" standoff
3S-3751-200.375" dia. 1.0" standoff
3S-5050-200.50" dia. x 0.50" standoff
3S-5075-200.50" dia. x 0.75" standoff
2SP-2550-200.25" dia. x 0.50" pin standoff
2SP-37550-200.375" dia. x 0.50" pin standoff
1CSPS-751-200.75" dia. x 1" spring pusher standoff clamp
4CTT-160-125-201.6" tension clamp with coated soft tip, 1.25" post
4CWT-1-1-201.0" wire clamp with coated soft tip, 1.0" post
4CWT-2-2-202.0" wire clamp with coated soft tip, 2.0" post
1CP-201/4-20 pusher clamp
4RPS-20steel resting pin
1VC-33-203.25" x 3.25" corner viewer
1CVM-B-20micro vise clamp with base
1AJ-50-200.50" dia. adjustable jack stand
1ASA-2-202.0" long adjustable acrylic slide
1AS-1-201.0" long adjustable slide
1TB-751-201/4-20 tower block with base 0.75" sq x 1.0"
1TC-500200500mm x 200mm x 25mm component tray
* does not have a threaded top

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QLC1-PV1-A-20 .50" x 6" x 6", QLC1-PV2-A-20 .50" x 10" x 10", QLC1-PVW1-A-20 0.50" x 10" x 10", QLC1-PVW2-A-20 0.50" x 16" x 16"


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