Mitutoyo Quickmikes


The new Quickmike series still boasts the super-fast spindle feed rate that?s 20x faster than standard micrometers, Absolute encoder, increased measuring ranges. New features include:

  • IP65 protection ? can be used around cutting fluids
  • MIN Hold ? the minimum measurement can be held on the display for more repeatable and accurate measurements
  • Larger LCD ? 33% larger, 10mm character height
  • Function lock ? prevents accidental changes
  • 5 year battery life ? more operating time, less downtime looking for and replacing batteries
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Resolution: 0.00005?/0.001mm
Accuracy: ?0.0001?
Flatness: 0.000012?
Parallelism: 0.00008?

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0 – 1.2? PN 293-676-20, 1 – 2.2? PN 293-677-20


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