Mitutoyo HDS Digimatic Height Gages 570 Series 0-8” and 0-40″


? Can easily measure the height of small parts.
? Fine adjustment control for smooth movement.
? Display: Easy-to-read large LCD display, 6 digit and minus sign (-).
? Absolute encoder for direct measurement from power on.
? Economical energy-saving power design.
? Unlimited response speed.
? Functions include: Zero-setting (ABS and INC modes), Presetting (ABS and INC modes), Hold/Data button, Counting direction changeover, Inch/mm conversion, Data output, Error alarm, Low battery alarm, On/Off, Origin.
? Provided with a data output port for connection with the SPC system.
? Battery Life: (Approx.) 5,000 hours of continual use.


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570-244, 570-248

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0-8 in 200mm, 0-40 in 1000mm


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