Mitutoyo 552 Carbon Fiber Calipers with Long Jaws


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The Mitutoyo 552 series are lightweight carbon fiber calipers that incorporate the ABSOLUTE electronic technology into a highly durable and easy to handle design. Ideal for shop environments, these calipers have an IP66 rating. All sizes include electronic output for SPC and data management.

Heavy Duty 552 carbon fiber calipers have measuring range options ranging from 18″ to a super long 80″ and a .0005″ resolution.

These long jaw versions of the 552 have 200mm (7.9″) long jaws which are ideal for long reach applications.

Digimatic ABSOLUTE technology keeps track of the users origin point once set. Whenever turned on, the large LCD displays the actual slider position ready to start measurement. No more repeated zero setting is necessary with the absolute encoder technology, as well as no more concern for over speed errors. This reduces measurement error, especially among new or in-experienced users.

P/N: 552-160-10, 552-161-10, 552-162-10, 552-163-10, 552-164-10

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0-18" (0-450mm) P/N 552-160-10, 0-24" (0-600mm) P/N 552-161-10, 0-40" (0-1000mm) P/N 552-162-10, 0-60" (0-1500mm) P/N 552-163-10, 0-80? (0-2000mm) P/N 552-164-10


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