Glastonbury QUIKCHEK CMM Surveillance Triangle


QUIKCHEK is your mechanical assurance of CMM accuracy.? Use this surveillance master from Glastonbury Gage on a regular basis to confirm your measuring machine accuracy and squareness.? Better than a golden part, the QUICKCHEK can test lengths, roundness error (for your probe sensor) and squareness.? Available in different sizes, choose a QUICKCHEK triangle that best suits your typical part measuring range.? Ideal for manual and CNC CMMs and other multisensor 3D measuring machines.

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GSG QUIKCHEK is used to validate Coordinate Measuring Machines. The QUIKCHEK provides an easy periodic check on the CMM volume to ensure it is within calibration and providing you with accurate readings. It?s triangle shape and location of cylindrical bores provide a more volumetric evaluation of a CMM than the traditional ball bar.
The QUIKCHEK is your mechanical assurance of CMM accuracy. The QUIKCHEK is 440c stainless steel hardened to Rc 60-62, stress relieved and triple stabilized. Supplied with certification.

8 Inch Models16 Inch ModelsHole Diameter1.0000?2.0000?Centerline to Centerline of Holes 2 Sides8.0000?16.0000?Centerline to Centerline of Hypotenuse11.3137?22.6274?Calibrated AccuraciesDiameter Roundness Within.000010?.000020?Length Measurement Uncertainty.000020?.000040?90? Angle<1 second<1 secondFlat Parallel Within.000050?.0002?


8 Inch Models
16 Inch Models
Hole Diameter
Centerline to Centerline of Holes 2 Sides
Centerline to Centerline of Hypotenuse
Calibrated Accuracies
Diameter Roundness Within
Length Measurement Uncertainty
90? Angle
<1 second
<1 second
Flat Parallel Within

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