Fowler Rapid-Mic Quick-Displacement Electronic Micrometers


? Position recall
? Delrin quick displacement thimble
? Adjustable measuring force, 5N/10N (54-815-030-0 only)
? Menu customizable with free software
? Non-rotating spindle, 10mm/spindle rotation
? USB output or bluetooth available

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0-1.18″/0-30mm PN 54-815-030 | 1.18-2.6″/30-66mm PN 54-815-060 | 2.6-4.0″/66-102mm PN 54-815-100 | 0-4.0″/0-102mm Set PN 54-815-111

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0-1.18"/0-30mm PN 54-815-030, 1.18-2.6"/30-66mm PN 54-815-060, 2.6-4.0"/66-102mm PN 54-815-100, 0-4.0"/0-102mm Set PN 54-815-111, 0-1.18"/0-30mm with Bluetooth PN 54-815-030b, 1.18-2.6"/30-66mm with Bluetooth PN 54-815-060b, 2.6-4.0"/66-102mm with Bluetooth PN 54-815-100b, 0-4.0"/0-102mm Set with Bluetooth PN 54-815-112


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