Fowler Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicators


Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicators come with carbide tips and your choice of mounting; 3/8 stem, flat or lug back.? Choose your resolution and travel range below.? Note some models come with IP65 protection.

Fowler Part Numbers: 54-520-275-0, 54-520-270-0, 54-520-255-0,? 54-520-260-0

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Indi-X Blue Small Face Electronic Indicator PN 54-520-275-0 | IP65 HIGH Resolution Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicator PN 54-520-270-0 | 0.50″/12.5mm Indi-X Blue PN 54-520-255-0 | 1″/25mm/64ths Indi-X Blue Inch-Metric-Fraction PN 54-520-260-0

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Small Face PN 54-520-275-0, IP65 HIGH Resolution PN 54-520-270-0, 0.50"/12.5mm PN 54-520-255-0, 1"/25mm/64ths Inch-Metric-Fraction PN 54-520-260-0


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