Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester


? Mechanically operatede with an electro-mechanical readout, the instrument utilizes a series of special preloaded springs, providing a load of approx 15kg to the indentor
? Capable of setting upper and lower limits for OK/NG display
? It’s virtually impossible to overload or influence readings by varying hand pressure
? When conducting a hardness test, the springs operating against the diamond assembly are balanced against the hardness of the specimen. The harder the material under test, the more movement is effected between the diamond point and the datum face of the unit. This movement is interpreted by a specially calibrated linear displacement transducer which encodes the linear movement of the diamond and transmits it to the electronics, where the hardness value is produced as a digital readout
? Maximum penetration of diamond into the specimen is .005″/.125mm
? Check calibration against supplied reference book
? Tester weighs approx 5 lb/2.25 kg
? For accurate readings, avoid coarse finishes on machined surfaces. Specimines to be tested must be free of rust and scales.
? Zero setting is achieved by gently depressing the hand grips until digital readout switches on. When movement ends, the reading is taken. Automatically shuts off when hand grip is released.
? Operates on a 9 volt battery (approx life of two years). End of battery life is signalled by ‘LOW-BATT’ in corner of the display
? Price includes calibrated test block, indentor key, instruction book and deluxe fitted wood case

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