Rex Model 2000


Size: 2.25″ x 6.125″H
Net Weight: 6 oz.

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The Max-Hand 2000 durometer is Rex Gauge Co.’s latest innovation for the testing of specimens with creep. The Max-Hand 2000 has a max- hand and an active hand for observing the creep characteristics of a specimen. What makes the Model 2000 unique is the magnetic-drag maximum reset mechanism. The user simply rotates the reset knob on the front of the gauge to clear the previous reading. The simplicity of the reset mechanism ensures a lifetime of use, and makes the Max- Hand 2000 the most affordable durometer for testing specimens with creep.

Creep refers to the tendency of the durometer indentor to continue to penetrate a specimen over time, giving lower durometer readings. For example, if the durometer is held against a specimen in full contact and with constant pressure, the durometer reading will decrease over a period of seconds after the initial reading is taken. So, in a specimen with creep, the initial reading may be 35.0 durometer points, while the reading after three seconds may be 33.5 durometer points.

? Reads maximum and creep
? Cost effective, hand operated
? Holds maximum reading until reset
? Custom carrying case
? Superior 1/2 point accuracy
? One year warranty
? Without Certification

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

Max-Hand Durometer Type A, Max-Hand Durometer Type D, Max-Hand Durometer Type B, Max-Hand Durometer Type C, Max-Hand Durometer Type DO, Max-Hand Durometer Type O


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