Renishaw MCR20 Module Changing Rack


The MCR20 module changing rack is designed to securely store up to six TP20 probe modules for automatic changing, and to protect them from airborne contaminants. The MCR20 is easily mounted onto any CMM. Setting the MCR20 rack alignment and probe module changing co-ordinates requires minimal effort.

  • Secure storage of stylus modules for rapid automatic changing and optimum metrology
  • Protects mating surfaces from airborne contaminants
  • Used with TP20
  • Passive rack requiring no electrical input
  • Magnetic field in front of each port inhibits probe during module change
  • Crash protection provided by hinged over travel of base and docking port assembly
  • Kit comes with two standard force modules.
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Renishaw MCR20 Module Changing Rack A-1371-0261.? Comes with two standard force modules.

Height 145?mm (5.71?in)
Depth 60?mm (2.36?in)
Width 200?mm (7.87?in)

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in


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