Mitutoyo Borematic Series 568 Absolute Digimatic Snap Open Bore Gage


The Mitutoyo Borematic bore gage system allows for simple and accurate bore measurements. With it the operator is able to take measurements more accurately and more quickly than ever before. Once the origin point is set with the ORIGIN button, the Borematic retains the setting for the entire battery life. Therefore, repeated origin setting (presetting) is no longer necessary. This Mitutoyo advantage comes from the ABSOLUTE linear encoders and familiar Digimatic indicator display.

*Measuring anvils are Titanium Nitride coated, providing durability and wear resistance
*Measurement to near the bottom of blind holes
*Large LCD digits for error-free reading.
*Rotatable display for easy reading at any angle (330-degree)
*GO/NO-GO function.
*ABSOLUTE linear encoder
*SPC data output.
*Setting rings for preset function are optional.
*Deep hole measurement with optional extension rods.
*Supplied in fitted wooden case.
*Sold as individual gages without rings or in a set with rings.

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Accuracy: .275 – .800″ .00025″, .800 – 5.0″ .0003″
Resolution: 0.001mm or .00005″/0.001mm
Contact point: Carbide or titanium coating* (*over 12mm/.5″ models)
Measuring method: Three-point method
Display: Rotating LCD
Battery: SR44
Battery life: Approx. 7,000 hours
Functions: Zero-Set, presetting, GO/NO-GO judgment, power on/off,?inch/mm conversion (inch/mm type only), SPC data output, data hold

.275-.350in/6.985-8.89mm P/N 568-461 | .350-.425in/8.89-10.795mm P/N 568-462 | .425-.5in/10.795-12.7mm P/N 568-463 | .50-.65in/12.7-16.51mm P/N 568-464 | .65-.80in/16.51-20.32mm P/N 568-465 | .8-1.0in/20.32-25.4mm P/N 568-466 | 1.0-1.2in/25.4-30.48mm P/N 568-467 | 1.2-1.6in/30.48-40.64mm P/N 568-468 | 1.6-2.0in/40.64-50.8mm P/N 568-469 | 2.0-2.5in/50.8-63.5mm P/N 568-470 | 2.5-3.0in/63.5-76.2mm P/N 568-471 | 3.0-3.5in/76.2-88.9mm P/N 568-472 | 3.5-4.0in/88.9-101.6mm P/N 568-473 | 4.0-4.5in/101.6-114.3mm P/N 568-474 | 4.5-5.0in/114.3-127mm P/N 568-475

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in
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.275-.350in/6.985-8.89mm P/N 568-461, .350-.425in/8.89-10.795mm P/N 568-462, .425-.5in/10.795-12.7mm P/N 568-463, .50-.65in/12.7-16.51mm P/N 568-464, .65-.80in/16.51-20.32mm P/N 568-465, .8-1.0in/20.32-25.4mm P/N 568-466, 1.0-1.2in/25.4-30.48mm P/N 568-467, 1.2-1.6in/30.48-40.64mm P/N 568-468, 1.6-2.0in/40.64-50.8mm P/N 568-469, 2.0-2.5in/50.8-63.5mm P/N 568-470, 2.5-3.0in/63.5-76.2mm P/N 568-471, 3.0-3.5in/76.2-88.9mm P/N 568-472, 3.5-4.0in/88.9-101.6mm P/N 568-473, 4.0-4.5in/101.6-114.3mm P/N 568-474, 4.5-5.0in/114.3-127mm P/N 568-475


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