Fowler/Bowers MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gages


? System range: .040″-.250″/1-6mm
? New slimline digital display
? Switchable resolution 0.01/0.001/0.0005mm
? Display reads in both inch and metric
? Simple 2-button operation
? Clear LCD display
? Data output: RS232/USB proximity sensor
? Linearity: Diameter 1.0-1.5 max 2% of measuring travel, min 0.001mm. Diameter 1.5-6 max 1% of measuring travel, min 0.001mm
? Repeatability: 0.001mm
? Available as individual instruments or sets
? UKAS-certificates as standard with all setting rings
? Hard-chromed ball-contacts

54-551-001, 54-551-002, 54-551-003, 54-551-004

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.037"-.061"/0.95-1.55mm, .060"-.096"/1.50-2.45mm, .089"-.167"/2.25-4.25mm, .144"-.250"/3.65-6.35mm


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