Mitutoyo SPC Cables for IP-66/IP-67 Micrometers


40″ (1m) P/N 05CZA662 | 80? (2m) P/N 05CZA663


For use with IP65 micrometers.

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The Mitutoyo 05CZA662 SPC Connecting Cable has the following specifications:

  • Length: 1m (40″) or 2m (80″)
  • Type: With Data Out Switch
  • Input plug to Data Processor (10 Pins)

Applicable Gages

  • Digimatic Micrometer IP65


  • These cables are used to output measurement data from the Digimatic gage with the output feature to the Digimatic mini processor, Digimatic display unit, multiplexer or other device.

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40" (1m) P/N 05CZA662, 80? (2m) P/N 05CZA663


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